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Blantyre and Yawo Women – Second Edition

(first edition under title "Always With You - A Malawi Legacy") A Biography/autobiography on and of the Yawo, a clan of Malawi, in eastern southern…

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The Veil – Second Edition (Academic Version)

Two babies, Moses and Jesus are destined to a Tabernacle...the first to its construction by the Israelite on Mount Sinai during the Exodus in the…

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Praying Mantis

Based on fact is this tale of greed and deception...the practice of sorcery as a means to wealth and fame. She targets wealthy old men…

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A sociological study of most cultures, regardless of rank, as humans sharing a common planet... how Western European ideals influenced other cultures...the consequence of increased…

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Share The Ride

A tale of the development of the different makes of the motor vehicle...the leading inventors of the different parts and make of the motor…

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Home From Home

Home From Home is about Bolton and around Lancashire, from earlier times to the present told in photographs...a record of the author’s happy memories of…

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broken temple

Broken Temple

A tribute to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) in it's related Departments and particular a highly sympathetic account of the Community Rehabilitation…

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The Place Beyond

The Place Beyond is about the author’s dream of Jesus when she was eight and the influence of that dream throughout her life...dreams and premonitions…

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